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We here at R&R Dental are committed toward getting people out of pain, improving their quality of life, and increasing their self esteem. Our mission is to help our patients through the utilization of Gneuromuscular based Dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is a term often thrown around by everyone in dentistry, but at The Science of Dentistry we don’t stop there. We take a full body approach to treatment with a team of world renowned Master Ceramists who utilize state of the art materials.

Everyone is trained in advanced forms of dentistry such as TMD, sleep apnea, and migraine therapies to provide cutting edge dentistry treatments at R&R Dental.

Treatment when needed is done using advanced muscle monitoring devices that aid in the diagnosis and repair of the underlying factors that contribute to the current condition. Understanding these conditions and treating them prior to restoring teeth, are the keys to long term Physical, Emotional, and Dental health. These problems can be very debilitating, and often lead to depression, anxiety, pain, or chronic fatigue. We work closely with ENT’s and sleep centers to help our patients in the diagnosis of some underlying problems.

Follow us on Facebook to keep up with the progression of our athletes or simply to ask us any questions you may have regarding dentistry today. You can also find a detailed list of our treatments offered in the “About us” section.

Since our treatments result in having a direct effect on overall posture, we have developed a sports related mouth appliance exclusive to The Science of Dentistry that when fitted correctly by our trained team will increase strength and athletic performance. Many of todays Bite4C mouthguards are today being worn by World record holding water skiers, UFC fighters, CFA MMA fighters and local Crossfit instructors. Ask our team to find out how this appliance can increase your performance. Bite 4c!

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